Headlight Lens Restoration

The modern headlight lens is made of POLYCARBONATE, not acrylic. Understand that the two materials are different. Acrylic does not yellow and is UV stable, but is brittle, therefore it is used only on taillights. Polycarbonate is strong and impact resistant, and therefore used on headlights to withstand rocks and pebbles, but yellows under UV light without a protective UV coating. Manufacturers use a thin hardcoat silicone as a protective coating. This coating is damaged over several years if exposed to lots of sunlight.

Headlights turn cloudy and yellow is very common in New Zealand, now we are offering you a profession service to restore it to as almost as new!

What we offer is not just to remove the oxidation from the lens, we also spray 2-3 layers of a special clear headlight coating on top of the lens to keep your lights out of been oxidated again for at least 3 years!

Photos say all

BMW 320

headlight restore 2

headlight restore 3


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Improves lens appearance and visibility for safer driving!

We now can restore both your headlights from $150 and we will need the car for approximately 1 hour

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