Let us halo your lights – headlight retrofit

We feel excited to announce that we have finally started offering  the service of installing LED Angel Eye Lights to your headlights.

Angel Eye Lights are not just for BMW owners any more, we simply can install these LED halo lights to almost all headlights from almost all cars.

After installing and testing these LED on several different headlights, we are confidence to offer you the best quality LED and as well as our workmanship.


Feature of LED:

We use best quality COB LED with PC(Poly-carbonate)transparent cover as the actual product photos shown below




Each ring has its own LED driver to ensure constant current flow.

COB(Chip on Board) LED is a new technology of LED packaging for LED light engine. Multi LED chips are packaged together as one lighting model. When it light up, it looks like a lighting panel, which is better comparing to SMD LED for Angel Eye lights.

LED Spec:


[Volt] 12V

[Wattage] 3w-5w depends on the size

[Current] 0.25A – 0.5A depends on the size

[Color Temp] 6500k


What is the process of installing:

  1. We will need to remove both headlights from the car
  2. We will put both headlights into our professional industry oven to heat them up, we will then open the lights when the glue is soften.IMG_20151209_152741
  3. If the headlights are sealed using permanent headlight seal (cold seal), we will cut the lights open using special headlight opening tools.IMG_20151209_160906
  4. When the headlight cover is apart from the headlight, we will measure and choose the correct size LED lights and glue them on the projector or around the inside of the reflector using clear silicone glue, and of course the LED will be bench tested before putting them on.
  5. When the glue is fully dried we will then inspect the LED is securely mounted and wires are hidden from the visible area.
  6. Final step is to clean away the old sealant from the headlights and seal them together using black silicone sealant.
  7. Let the sealant to dry completed and fit the headlights back to the car

The whole process will take approximately 1-2 days depends on the difficulty, it definitely requires overnight to let the sealant to dry.


On this VW Golf MK5, we installed 2 lights on each headlight, one was on the low beam projector and the other one was on the inside of high beam reflector.

1 3

Some headlights can only get one LED installed on each side like the R32 bugeye headlights shown below



Price varies for different cars so please contact us if you are keen to get these done