Pay $0 for Wheel Alignment When Full Service Purchased




Promotion Info:

  • Valid for complete October 2018
  • In this period of time, when you get your car serviced from us, you will receive wheel alignment free of charge ( FULL SERVICE only, not valid for simple oil change or Express service)
  • Wheel alignment is normally charged $79 for 2WD or $89 for 4WD, this means you will receive up to 31% off for what you normally pay FULL SERVICE + WHEEL ALIGNMENT
  • All car will have wheel alignment reminder sticker attached to your front windscreen with information such as recommended tyre pressure, wheel alignment due date etc.
  • Wheel alignment is very important, you will need to check this regularly to maximize lifetime of your tyres and safety of your car.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Wheel alignment must be carried out on the same day when your car get serviced.
  • Wheel alignment must be carried out to the same car we serviced, on one invoice.
  • Trade customers pay for normal RRP to receive free wheel alignment promo, otherwise wheel alignment will be charged if you wish to receive your trade account discount.
  • Wheel alignment takes 30-60 mins per car, please arrange your schedule to have enough time left for us.
  • Surcharge may apply to modified vehicles.
  • If your tyres are worn out and due for replacement, but you decided not to go ahead replacing, we reserve the right to decide whether wheel alignment is necessary or not. And wheel alignment will not be refunded or discounted from your service charge.
  • If you need more time to think about replacing tyres, we can reserve this free wheel alignment offer for you for 5 working days, offer valid only for tyres sold and installed from our store.
  • GT AUTO SOURCE, reserve the rights for any final decision made.