E39 E60 BMW CREE LED Angel Eye Lights 32w

E39 E60 BMW CREE LED Angel Eye Lights 32w



Priced for a pair


Two E39 E60 32w LED bulbs ERROR FREE
Suitable for 5 Series, 7 Series and X Series manufactured before 2008




[Voltage] 12v DC
[Color] White
[LED] 4x Cree (8watts each)


Our Cree range LED bulbs:
>Solid aluminium exterior designed for best heat dissipating
>Tantalum capacitor designed for best interference protection
>Brighter than your factory halogen bulbs
>Plug and play bulbs, no polarity


Replace your old yellow halogen bulbs with these LED bulbs for angel eyes, these are:
ULTRA BRIGHT — emits more lumens per watt than halogen bulbs
ENERGY SAVING — low current which protect and stabilize the rest of the circuit
LONGER LIFETIME — relatively longer useful life than any other lights


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