LED Door Welcome Lights Projector

LED Door Welcome Lights Projector


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Priced for a pair


LED projector door welcome lights for you to customize, lights with style!


Instruction on installing:
1) Take off your door panel
2) Find a nice flat spot underneath the panel and drill a 19mm diameter hole
3) Insert the light from inside of the panel and tighten
4) Connect the wires to your existing door lights or other power source if there isn’t a existing door lights
5) Fit the door panel back
6) Enjoy the light every time you open the door 🙂


Images available(Check the 2nd pic):
1 Monster Energy
2 Transformer Decepticon
3 Transformer Autobot
4 Hello Kitty
5 Angry Bird
6 Angry Racer
7 The Punisher
8 Pirates of Caribbean skull
9 Wolf
10 BMW M
11 VIP


[Power] 3w LED
[Voltage] 12v DC
[Current] 0.1A
[Size] 19mm body, 21mm surface
[Package] 2x LED lights, 1x 19mm hole saw


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