LED Festoon Bulbs 6SMD 9SMD

LED Festoon Bulbs 6SMD 9SMD



[Color] Cool White


31mm 6SMD

36mm 6SMD

39mm 9SMD

41mm 9SMD

[Voltage] 12v DC

[Lumens] 100-120

[Beam Angle] 180°

[Color Temperature] 6500±500 k



  • LEDs are brighter but cost less energy ( wattage is about only 1/6 of the normal halogen bulbs)
  • LEDs have a lot less current draw than normal halogen bulbs which can protect and stabilize the rest of the circuit
  • LEDs last longer up to 50000 hours compare to 750-2000 hours of the normal halogen bulbs
  • Normal halogen bulbs waste most of the energy from heat but LEDs remain cool
  • LEDs are very fast to warm up measured in nanoseconds so they react very quick



Price is for a pair


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