12v LED Daytime Running Lights 185mm

12v LED Daytime Running Lights 185mm


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Priced for a complete kit includes 2 lights, mounting brackets and wiring.


Daytime Running Lights(DRL) are Purpose-made, low-wattage lights that can be fitted to a vehicle and used during the day to improve the visibility of a vehicle to other drivers as well as pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. They are fitted not just for looking cool, they are fitted for your own and also other’s safety!


> length 185mm x width 25mm x depth 40mm
> 12v
> Internal fused
> Plugs are professionally finished, not just two wires
> Lights are firmly sealed, DUSTPROOF, SHOCKPROOF,WATERPROOF
> ONE YEAR warranty with Proof of professional installation



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