Narva H1 12v Long Life Halogen Bulbs

Narva H1 12v Long Life Halogen Bulbs


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Priced for ONE globe
H1 Long Life 12v 55w from Narva
Part number: 48322BL


NARVA —- a well known Australian brand for Automotive lighting products
“The Vision to Go Further”


100% more life than a standard halogen bulb


> Longer life than standard halogen globes, suitable for commercial or long haul drivers
> Suitable for use with polycarbonate headlamps
> No increase in power consumption or heat


Other features:
> H1 bulb, 12v, 55w
> Also available in H1 H3 H4 HB3 HB4 H7 H11
> Straight swap


We also carry the following performance bulbs from Narva:
Plus 60 with longer life
Plus 100 24V
Plus 100, 35m longer beam
Plus 120, maximum light output
Plus 110 Blue
Plus 130 Platinum
Plus 50 Arctic


Installation notice:
> DO NOT touch the bulb glass while installation as this will shorten their life


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