HID Kit with AC Bulbs and Ballasts

HID Kit with AC Bulbs and Ballasts




[Model] H1 H3 H4($20 extra)  H7 H9 H11 HB3(9005) HB4(9006)

[Power] 35 watts

[Voltage] 12v

[Beam Angle] 360°

[Color Temperature] 6000k 8000k


*** More than 5000 hours lifetime ***
*** ONE YEAR WARRANTY with Proof of Professional Installation ***


  • None impact start up, 1-2 secs faster than the old design ballasts and increases twice longer lifetime for bulbs
  • Bulbs will reach to 80% of the maximum brightness within 3 secs
  • Ballasts, plugs and bulbs are firmly sealed, DUSTPROOF, SHOCKPROOF,WATERPROOF
  • Brackets are included for mounting


Ballast self-protection:

  • Ballasts will stop working if voltage exceeds 18V or under 9V
  • When the ballasts are not connected with bulbs they will cut the power off in 400ms
  • When the ballasts are connected in wrong polarity they will not work
  • Ballasts and bulbs will work as normal even they are covered by water completely


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