Xenon HID Kit AC Ballasts & Bulbs

Xenon HID Kit AC Ballasts & Bulbs



Priced for ONE complete HID kit


Choose from:
H4 kits are available at a different price


E-Mark approved HID light


TOP QUALITY HID kit you can find in the market, AC ballasts and bulbs, way longer lifetime than DC Ballasts and Bulbs which are the most of the HID kits out there, bulbs will not flicker


These HID kits have been fitted by us to many our customers’ vehicles, quality kits that you can trust for your own safety


12v 35w
> More than 5000 hours lifetime
> Available at both 6000k and 8000k
> One year warranty


None impact start up, 1-2 secs faster than the old design ballasts and increases twice longer lifetime for bulbs
> Ballasts, plugs and bulbs are firmly sealed, DUSTPROOF, SHOCKPROOF,WATERPROOF


Package includes:
2x AC volt slim ballasts for 12v DC input
2x HID bulbs
Mounting accessories


You can find 2 cars in attached photo which have fitted with our HID light:
Honda Civic
Nissan Skyline 350GT


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