Nissan R35 GTR 4 Tail Lights Upgrade Kit

Nissan R35 GTR 4 Tail Lights Upgrade Kit



Priced for ONE Nissan R35 GTR 4 Tail Light Upgrade Kit


Only suitable for R35 GTR manufactured on 2008, 2009 and 2010, facelift model after 2011 has this feature from factory


What is 4 Tail Light?

None facelift GTR only have 2 outer circles switched on in the night functioned as rear tail lights, and 2 inner circles will be turned on when brake applied, 2 outer circles will be 50% dimmer than 2 inner circles.


By installing this kit, you will have all 4 circle lights switched on in the night instead of just 2 outer ones, THE BRAKE LIGHTS FUNCTION REMAIN SAME AS BEFORE, ONLY 2 INNER CIRCLES GET BRIGHTER WHEN BRAKE APPLIES.


> Plug and play kit, 10 mins job for both side
> Best quality wires, resistors and capacitors, kit made in UK
> Result guaranteed, will not interfere OBC system
> Instruction will be included


Brief of description on DIY:
> Remove trim panels on the back wall of your boot
> Track down the tail light circuit and find where the plug is which is visible after the trim panel is removed
> Unclip the plug and clip this kit in series
> Test the lights and fit trim panels back on


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