Würth Petrol System Cleaner


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For all carburettors and petrol injection engines

Cleans injection valves, the combustion chamber and the intake area

  • Reduces increased fuel consumption
  • Improves engine running and response

Protects against valve burning by having clean and tight valve seats

A high level of cleaning is achieved in intake valves, in the combustion chamber and intake area thanks to the washing-active, fuel-compatible active agents in a cleaning solvent.

NoticeSpray hose not included in scope of delivery!

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Clamp off the vacuum hose at a suitable point and insert the spray probe. Spray half of the can contents evenly into all intake ducts while moving the probe back and forth, with the engine at operating temperature and approx. 2000 rpm. Turn the engine off and leave the product to take effect for approx. 30 minutes. Start the engine and drain the rest of the product. Dosage: 1 can for a 4-cylinder engine, 2 cans for engines with 6 cylinders or more.


Contents 300 ml
Colour Colourless
Smell/fragrance Solvent-like
Chemical basis Hydrocarbon
Shelf life from production 24 Month
Density 0.814 g/cm³
Density conditions at 20°C
Min. flashing point 30 °C