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These 1157 bayonet bulbs are commonly used for stop and tail lights on many of European, Japanese, Korean and Chinese vehicles. 

RED LED BULBS, double contact, offset pins 

Features both stop and tail, brighter when braking 


Comparing to the stock standard lights, these are: 
* RED, it is required by the law that all tail and stop lights need to be RED 
* White, is also available for other application 
* Brighter beam, more chance to be seen day and night 
* Energy saving, low current bulb so easy on the circuit and battery 
* Longer lifetime, relatively longer useful life 

[Voltage] 12v-24v DC 
[Color] Red 
[LED] Cree 30w 
[Fitting] 1157 bayonet, to replace BAY15D

Our Cree LEDs are: 
> suitable for both 12v&24v vehicles 
> mounted on solid aluminium for best heat dissipating 
> equipped with Tantalum capacitor for best interference protection 
> Plug and play bulbs, no polarity 
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