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These BA9S bulbs are commonly used for interior lights on some of European, Japanese, Korean and Chinese vehicles. 

Comparing to the standard lights, these are: 
* White, to match with other white lights 
* Brighter beam, more chance to be seen day and night 
* Energy saving, low current bulb so easy on the circuit and battery 
* Longer lifetime, relatively longer useful life 

[Voltage] 12v DC 
[Color] White 
[LED] 4w
[Fitting] BA9S, 9mm wide base
[Illumination] 360° 

These bulbs are multi directional bulbs which means light come out 360°, more beam for interior lights especially when the bulbs are fitted side ways 

However these bulbs do have polarity which means they will NOT work if positive is connected to negative, you can either cut and swap the wires connected to the bulbs or ask us for CANbus none polarity LED bulbs. 
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