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This listing is for a pair 
H1 12v 55w yellow halogen bulbs 

The factory bulbs on your car are 
3500k color temp, by upgrading these 3000k bulbs you will receive the much more yellower beam 

Why yellow? 
Yellow light can penetrate through further in poor vision such as fog, rain, snow or dust, therefore will be seen earlier for cars coming towards you as well. 

Comparing to the stock standard lights, these are: 
* Yellower, more light can penetrate through in poor weather condition 
* Better beam, more chance to be seen day and night 

> Made of strong UV-protection crystal quartz glass 
> International E-mark certified 
> Accurate filament twisting technology makes the bulb brighter and longer life 

> 12v, 55w 
> 3000K color temp, GOLDEN color 
> Models available:H1 H3 H4 H7 H11 9005(HB3) 9006(HB4) 
> Straight swap 

Installation notice: 
> DO NOT touch the bulb glass while installation as this will shorten their life 
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