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Listing is for ONE

H4 bulb, commonly used for headlights on motorbikes, features both low and high beam 

NOTE: this is for motorbikes, NOT suitable for CARS 

Comparing to the stock standard lights, these are: 
* White, to match with other white lights 
* Energy saving, low current bulbs 
* Longer useful lifetime 

[Voltage] 12v-24v DC 
[Color] White 
[LED] Cree 50w 
[Fitting] H4 
[Illumination] 360° 
[Equivalent] more output than 55w halogen bulb 

Our Cree LEDs are: 
> Best heat dissipating 
> Best interference protection 
> Plug and play bulbs 

50w is their maximum wattage that they are capable of not their actual working wattage, the actual working wattage is made to be less than this value due to heat dissipating. 

This bulb is perfect upgrade if you want to change the color from factory yellow to modern white, the light output is good for riding around in town but may not be enough light in the country, feel free to check our other listings for proper brighter ones. 
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