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This listing is for ONE

Low Profile Ring Illuminated LED Switch Stainless Steel 19mm OD

Socket included with colored wires

More convenience for you as you DO NOT have to solder the terminals

Package includes: 
1x LED switch 
1x Rubber seal 
1x Socket with colored wires 

> 12v DC 
> Size: Thread diameter 19mm, Surface Panel diameter 22mm, Total length 1.7mm+28.9mm+9.5mm 
> Operation: Latching( ON and OFF)
> Terminals: 5 pins, +/-/NO/NC/C, 2.8x0.5mm 
> Max. Rating: 5A 
> Mechanical life: more than 500,000 times 
> Electrical life: more than 50,000 times 
> LED life: more than 50,000 hours 
> IP rating: 67, waterproof 
> Operation temperature: -20 to +55 
> Color: White

These switches are ideal for controlling any modified electrical device in any 12v vehicles, motorbikes and boats 
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